Life Sciences Supply Chain Management

From our founding in 1983, we have maintained a significant consulting engineering practice in the life sciences industry. Our clients lie across entire supply chains, from manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers of medical devices, prescription drugs and over-the-counter products.

More recently, our supply chain management experience has extended to healthcare, specifically the challenging logistics and related real-time issues associated with hospital operations.

Assignments have included:

  • Facility planning, design and engineering of institutional, commercial and industrial facilities with particular focus on material flow and on internal logistics, operations and operational efficiency
  • Operations design, including business processes, equipment and technology, detailed work processes, labor recruiting, and training documentation, including animations of job functions, training and certification of operator performance

Our Projects

Our projects have covered a wide variety of institutional, commercial and industrial applications for such clients as Johns Hopkins Hospital, Pfizer’s Technical Development Facility, GlaxoSmithKline’s Center of Excellence, Proctor & Gamble’s Health Care Research Center, Fidelity Investment, Johnson & Johnson's Health Care Systems, and others.

St. Onge Company uses proven and practical data-driven Industrial Engineering techniques to support and validate the creative and groundbreaking principles of cutting-edge Hostpital design. We have developed campus supply chain strategies, materials management master plans, facility designs and information systems to plan, direct and coordinate material flow. Some of these solutions are highly automated; some are conventional, all are highly effective!