Tom Redding Interviewed for Healthcare Purchasing News

Rick Dana Barlow, a Senior Editor for Healthcare Purchasing News, recently reached out to top industry experts for their thoughts on the role emerging technology plays in healthcare supply chains. St. Onge Company’s Tom Redding was one such expert. Tom discussed key areas that healthcare supply chains lag behind other industries, and striking a balance between cost savings and growth.

“The healthcare industry and its supply chain partners are moving in the right direction but still lag behind other industries, in terms of data standards and supply chain visibility and accessibility. The supply chain is inundated with new technologies, systems, products and services that create a level of churn on which is the right approach for an organization. Given the churn, it is imperative for supply chain leaders to assess their business needs and develop a strategy to advance their analytical and supply chain capabilities while providing a secure and safe environment to support clinical care. The pressure for cost savings does not always provide the foundation for building future capability but it is imperative to maintain a competitive edge.”

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