Tom Redding Quoted in Healthcare Purchasing News

Rick Dana Barlow, a Senior Editor for Healthcare Purchasing News, recently wrote an article about future-ready supply chains that focus on data and visibility. He asked several industry experts, including St. Onge Company’s Tom Redding, for their thoughts on what we’ve learned during the pandemic. Tom discussed how supply chains are adding layers to prepare for future unforeseen events.

Tom Redding, Senior Managing Director, Healthcare Services St. Onge Co., emphasizes the stark lesson learned from the coils of COVID-19, that of layering operational nuances to the process.

“If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, predicting and managing demand is a critical component to operating a highly effective supply chain,” he noted. “The pandemic-induced bullwhip has and will continue to impact manufacturers’ and distributors’ ability to meet the needs of their customers. As a result, most healthcare systems no longer trust that the end-to-end supply chain will function properly when it is needed. Therefore, health systems are building another layer to the supply chain to absorb fluctuations in demand and product availability.”

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