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Results-oriented. Client-centric. It’s this mindset that has made St. Onge a globally-recognized supply chain strategy and logistics expert, helping companies across the United States and around the world become more profitable, agile and adaptive to the demands of an ever-evolving marketplace. Blending research, advanced modeling and design and engineering allows for optimized operations strategy and increased efficiencies. As independent supply chain engineers and advisors we uncover the best solutions and systems tailored to the unique business and logistics objectives for each client we serve. Stronger market positions, enhanced ROI with maximized profitability and efficiency end-to-end are the strategy and implementation goals of each St. Onge project.

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Norm Saenz and Don Derewecki Interviewed by Logistics Management

St. Onge Company’s Norm Saenz and Don Derewecki were asked for their thoughts on the 2019 Warehouse and DC Operations Survey.

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Matt Kulp Guest Speaking at APICS Lancaster-York

November 14 @ 5:30 pm

Matt Kulp, Executive Vice President and Managing Partner of St. Onge Company, will be the guest speaker at the APICS Lancaster-York Chapter’s November PDM.

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