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Demands on today’s supply chains are evolving as fast as the technology created to support them. Selecting the right systems requires a deep understanding of your company’s current operational landscape and future-state goals. At St. Onge, we align process with technology, looking at the total picture and applying an unmatched depth of experience with a laser focus on delivering results optimized for the way you work.

As an independent consultant, we help identify the best suite of supply chain and warehouse technology solutions and ensure you’re getting the most out of each. We’re a partner who combines strategic planning with technical expertise, helping to evaluate, select and deploy the right systems based on your supply chain needs including:

Plus, if a custom, purpose-designed solution is the best fit, we can help make that determination. We focus on ongoing research and development to ensure we’ve considered the most advanced options that have also  been tested and vetted. From helping secure maximum return on investment to providing critical input surrounding demand and capacity to inform decisions, St. Onge leverages warehouse systems technology to make the most of your operational resources and budget.

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Systems & Technology Solutions

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Warehouse Management Systems

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When it comes to getting the best possible results from your warehouse management system, the key is to ensure the system is setup based on the way you work, not the other way around. Out-of-the-box systems can do a lot, but it’s likely they’re not completely in tune with your processes without some level of customization.

Growth or milestone production changes, aging or legacy technology, supplier changes – there are a lot of factors that may influence why you need to consider a new or upgraded warehouse management system. No matter the root cause, the end goal is the same. Select a system that will offer the best fit for your business, providing the right level of integration and data to drive productivity and efficiency.

When you choose St. Onge as your partner, you get peace of mind that as an independent consultant, we’re not bound to any one supplier and will consider all the options applicable to bring you the solution that’s right for you.

At St. Onge, we deliver end-to-end support for companies considering a warehouse management system addition, upgrade or enhancement. From evaluating your system needs to supporting vendor evaluation and procurement through implementation, customization and deployment, our team of supply chain experts work collaboratively with the operations and IT teams to deliver the solution that’s the best-fit for you. Whether you need a standalone system, or an enterprise-level solution integrated with other supply chain functions, St. Onge delivers the expertise to help find the best value for your business, needs and budget.

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Warehouse Control Systems

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Dialed in warehouse control systems can be a key factor in orchestrating the activity flow within a warehouse or distribution center. If (and how) they integrate with your warehouse management system and automated processes can be the difference between an automated facility that runs like a well-oiled machine or one that struggles.

Today’s complex supply chain operations demand optimization, and proper utilization of warehouse control systems can make or break detailed labor manipulation and ensure optimal use of equipment. We help clients of all sizes evaluate their systems, source the technology, determine when customizations and integrations can add value and deliver total support through integration, deployment and ongoing assessment and monitoring delivering benefits that include:

  • Seamless integration with Warehouse Management Systems
  • Real-time visibility on product routing and fulfillment
  • User-friendly Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Optimization across complex, automated material handling systems to maximize efficiency Dashboards that deliver robust analytics and real-time data to drive agile, informed decision making

At St. Onge, our consultative approach to warehouse control systems ensures optimized automation that operates and delivers data and information seamlessly to and from the warehouse management system and across your production landscape.

Clients count on our team of system specialists for expertise to determine when an out-of-the-box solution can be leveraged or when customizations and bridges to other systems are the key to successful automation. Because we’re not affiliated with any one technology provider, trust St. Onge to deliver unbiased insights that will offer the best fit for your business.

Interested in learning more about how strategic warehouse control integrations can benefit your bottom line? Reach out to our systems specialists to discuss optimization opportunities across your supply chain.

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Labor Management Systems

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Labor resources are a significant expense across supply chains and require an ongoing focus on optimization to drive increases in productivity and efficiency. But, when it comes to labor management and optimization, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Enter labor management systems. When properly integrated across your supply chain, an optimized labor management system can provide critical data and insights to help track productivity and performance across teams, facilities and profit centers. The right solution will deliver the information you need to shape critical decisions surrounding operational changes and evolutions.

At St. Onge, our approach considers the big picture, offering end-to-end support to help ensure staffing and labor utilization are dialed in. We help determine what to measure and manage inside a labor management system; guide you through selecting the solutions right for your size, industry and how you work; and support you through evaluation and selection, procurement, configuration, implementation and rollout.

Having the right labor management system in place optimized to your individual supply chain needs can offer tremendous benefits including:

  • Creation of labor standards for measuring productivity
  • Enhanced manpower planning and scheduling
  • Reduced overtime and dependency on temporary labor
  • Increased consistency and optimal utilization of equipment
  • Improved customer service

In addition to the bottom line goals, companies who successfully integrate labor management systems often experience gain in employee motivation and communication through delivery of clearer goals and feedback based on data and analytics tracked by the system.

If you’re considering the addition of a labor management system within your supply chain or looking to upgrade an aging system or replace legacy processes, get in touch with our systems specialists to start a conversation.

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Transportation Management Systems

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Transportation costs often rank high as an expense category within the overall supply chain budget. Today, companies are faced with increasing pressures to meet ideal delivery expectations at the lowest cost on increasingly tight timelines.

Having the right transportation management system in place optimized to your individual shipping and transportation needs can dramatically improve efficiency, tracking and reliability across all modes of transportation, bringing alignment to operations, production, finance and customer service.

St. Onge works with companies of all sizes to evaluate, select and implement the right transportation management systems optimized to their individual business needs. We understand the unique demands of varied shipping models and how moving product via private fleet, over the road, truckload, parcel, LTL, last mile delivered, rail, air and other modes can significantly influence necessary integrations within your system.

We’re an independent consultant who looks at the total picture and provides an unbiased evaluation of system options. We offer comprehensive support including understanding if a new system or upgrade is right for you, and help you make it work as hard as possible for your business by supporting the procurement, deployment, training and ongoing management processes that are critical to successful implementation.

Looking to improve transportation costs within your supply chain, get increased visibility on product movement and improve efficiencies across rate shopping, payment and tracking? Reach out to the supply chain technology specialists at St. Onge to discuss if a transportation management system is the right fit for your business.

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