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In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, supply chains need to be agile and adaptable to meet continually shifting demands and market conditions. The complex, end-to-end integration of network and inventory systems, manufacturing and distribution facility utilization, materials, technology, logistics and workforce allocations require strategic planning that balances long-term goals with efficient and effective production to meet today’s business needs.

At St. Onge, we approach sales and operations planning (S&OP) with an engineering mindset, delivering a holistic approach that leverages our experience (and robust set of analysis tools to apply data and real-life information) to discover the gaps and build a plan that will ultimately drive results. To uncover the root causes that can lead to stagnant growth and supply chain inefficiencies, we apply a proven methodology, refined and optimized with our sales and operations planning analysis partners at Operational Results, Inc to look at the total picture.

Real solutions that drive measurable results. That’s the St. Onge approach to sales and operations planning. Whether you’re interested in fine-tuning a particular segment of your supply chain strategy or seeking a comprehensive analysis to drive your business forward, St. Onge has the expertise to support your S&OP project needs. Get in touch with the team to learn more about how we can make a positive impact for your business.

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Sales & Ops Planning Solutions

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Operational Excellence Planning

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Achieving operational excellence begins with a strategic evaluation of the current state of your company compared to the optimized goal that will serve as your target. It’s about gaining an understanding of where you are, where you want to be and what the most effective path is to get there. It requires preparation, an unwavering focus on digging deep and collaboration across sales, procurement, operations and leadership.

It takes an experienced partner like St. Onge to guide you through the process and ensure you not only get a clear picture of where you are, but also map the most effective course to get where you want to be.

At St. Onge, our approach to operational excellence planning is built around considering the whole picture. We partner with the S&OP team at Operational Results, Inc. to apply a proven methodology customized to the way you do business. We leverage SaaS-based dashboards that utilize data, analytics and real-life insights, allowing us to work together with clients to conduct detailed analysis and visualization across five primary measurement areas:

  • Demand
  • Production
  • Inventory
  • Capacity
  • Customer Service

From start to finish, we provide the support you need – from helping educate and secure buy-in from critical team members to implementing solutions and tracking results. We conduct extensive onsite observations, data-driven performance analysis, and focused one-on-one interviews to gather the complete picture, helping you understand and address the root causes to make meaningful change.

Clients of all sizes trust St. Onge to deliver integrated business planning solutions that drive value and we deliver.

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ORI Dashboards

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When it comes to sales and operations planning, achieving positive results starts with collecting and analyzing good data. At St. Onge, our approach to S&OP evaluations and operational excellence planning is rooted in helping companies collect, evaluate and model data to uncover areas of opportunity and performance gaps.

In partnership with Operational Results, Inc. (ORI) – a company as passionate about the power of data as we are – we leverage powerful SaaS-based dashboards that allow clients to conduct analysis across five primary measurement areas:  demand, production, inventory, capacity and customer service.

Comprehensive, secure and enterprise ready, ORI dashboards integrate seamlessly with data systems, including JDA, Oracle, SAP and more to deliver robust analysis and visualization tools that place the information you need to make informed decisions at your fingertips.

With access to transactional records, critical data about inventory inputs and outputs, and other key metrics across the supply chain, St. Onge’s strategy and planning teams guide clients through analysis that bring critical information to life helping you:

  • Quickly and easily see the financial impact of actuals vs. forecast.
  • Identify and quantify demand gaps
  • View inventory analytics
  • Conduct ongoing self-assessments and maturity monitoring
  • Evaluate “what-if” simulations to understand risk associated with forecast variations

Simply put, our ORI dashboards empower you with better data, allow you to more easily model scenarios and give you practical, real-life insights to make better decisions.

Ready to see firsthand how the tool can work for you? Reach out to request a demo or connect with the team to see how you can put ORI dashboards to work for your business.

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Consulting Services

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Comprehensive support from a partner that helps you understand the total picture across your supply chain. That’s the St. Onge approach to sales and operations consulting. Our turnkey solutions begin with strategic evaluation and carry through educating teams on how to create meaningful change, securing critical stakeholder and leadership buy-in and mapping out and implementing rollout plans that generate results you can measure.

Through each phase, we apply an engineering mindset that sets our approach apart. We consider the data, we understand the logistics and we have unmatched experience at helping companies of all sizes transform their supply chains to generate positive bottom line gains. From evaluation of individual processes to end-to-end audits, we customize our approach to best-fit the needs of your business.

We know long-term results and continuous improvement start with a successful rollout strategy. Our proven approach to S&OP consulting helps clients:

  • Optimize inventory and production costs
  • Sync supply with demand to maximize efficiencies
  • Lower costs by optimizing the application of resources based on demand
  • Improve cross-functional teamwork and accountability across departments
  • Gain stakeholder and leadership buy-in to drive an ongoing focus on operational optimization
  • Increase overall customer service satisfaction

Whether you have an urgent need based on the demands of today or are looking to plan ahead to drive gains in the future, get in touch with the sales and operations planning team at St. Onge to discuss how we can help your business create change that drives meaningful and measurable impact.

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