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Innovative, functional, process-oriented design that overlays strategic planning with real data applications to ensure you’re getting the most from your assets and capital. That’s the St. Onge approach to facility design.

Our unmatched supply chain exposure fuels our ability to deliver facility design and consulting services that align your business needs with a forward-thinking design, applying best-in-class engineering principles, real-world operational insights and solid financial planning.

Our facility designers and supply chain engineers partner with your team to capture real-life data and information critical to examining the options and scenarios that drive informed decisions throughout the design process. To generate the best design solutions customized to your needs, we leverage industry-leading analytics and simulation and apply unmatched experience gained from working with companies around the globe.

We consider how technology, automation, process, material flow and labor utilization will impact your facility plan. Plus, as an independent consultant, we’re not bound to any one solution or provider; thus, making objective recommendations for the options that best-fit for your needs.

Whether you are considering a new build, expansion of a current site or repurposing of an existing facility, St. Onge can help you maximize your assets through smart planning and design. Our team includes specialists who understand the particular demands of the healthcare, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities we design and have the ability to guide you from facility planning through design, procurement and implementation.

We know industries are being disrupted and facilities are becoming more complex. They require more applied technologies, increased integration across supply chain networks and face growing pressures to maximize space utilization and labor effectiveness. Getting it right means choosing the partner who can guide you through the design process and understands the total picture. That partner is St. Onge. Interested in learning more? Reach out. We look forward to connecting.

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Facility Design & Consulting Solutions

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Warehouse Design

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Whether you need a 2,000,000+ square-foot warehouse for a Fortune 500 company or a 20,000 square-foot facility for your family-owned business, St. Onge’s proven phased approach ensures your facility design is in tune with your needs now and into the future.

Our plans are driven by your service needs and goals and guided by your return on investment criteria. Our focus is on maximizing the space and designing custom storage and material handling systems. Through predictive analytics, we use real-life data and insight to model scenarios critical to achieving the most effective solutions.

Our phased approach to warehouse design and consulting moves seamlessly from data acquisition and modeling through concept development and comparative analysis to design detailing. Our unmatched experience in supply chain engineering means we understand how facility design decisions impact the total infrastructure. We view projects through an engineering lens and as an independent consultant, we are not tied to any given solutions or technology providers. As a result, we deliver recommendations that are the best fit for your operation’s unique requirements.

We get to the core of the best possible utilization of space, technology and automation based on your operational needs, peeling back the layers that accrue over time as companies react to operational “fires” and grow organically. By understanding the true operational requirements, we help to:

  • Maximize Capacity
  • Improve Productivity
  • Make Smart Capital Investments
  • Optimize Product Flow
  • Reduce Operating Costs

Ready to start a conversation about optimizing your warehouse spaces? Reach out. We look forward to learning about your business.

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Distribution Center Design

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Today’s distribution centers are the heart of supply chain operations. As business demands shift, distribution channels change, and technology evolves it is increasingly critical to ensure your facility design is in tune to the way you work now and equipped to help you scale, grow and adapt into the future.

The St. Onge approach to distribution center design is built on our unmatched knowledge of end-to-end supply chain optimization. We know successful distribution centers are far more than what’s inside four walls. They are a critical link in your supply chain infrastructure.

Decisions to design a new warehouse, distribution, or fulfillment facility (or re-structure an existing one) may be driven by an array of operational variables such as a changing universe of SKUs, product sourcing, shifting order profiles, new channels, sales volume changes, shipping migration channels and more. Or questions like:

  • How do I get more from the space I have?
  • Does the age or condition of equipment put us at risk?
  • Can we use software to manage flow and increase performance?
  • How can we improve quality? Safety? Security?
  • What’s the right level of automation?
  • How can we lower operational costs and energy inputs?
  • What can we do to optimize our staffing plan?
  • Are your current systems working as hard as possible? Are they successfully integrated?

Regardless of the catalyst or question, it’s important to have a partner on your side. A partner who understands the total picture and leverages data to generate the models and scenarios to make informed decisions around labor, automation, robotics, system technology, material handling and the other foundational operational tenants that will ladder up to the ultimate optimization of your facility.

As independent engineering consultants, the St. Onge team brings you the benefits of an innovative, unbiased, unencumbered perspective. We’re not bound to any one particular solution or technology provider and our experience helping companies around the world tune up their supply chains brings you an unmatched level of expertise.

Ready to dial in your distribution center performance? Whether you run an online store and ship directly to customer homes or resupply your stores or customer facilities, we can help.  At St. Onge, we offer total facility design support, from master planning, operational modeling and analysis to design, procurement and implementation management. We focus on identifying the total return on investment and establishing the metrics and analytics  to measure success. Reach out to speak with the team today.

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Manufacturing Design

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Whether you are re-tooling an existing manufacturing facility or starting from the ground-up on a new one, decisions related to facility design and layout can impact the productivity, profitability and adaptability of your company for years to come.  The most effective facility designs consider the total picture and how the manufacturing facility fits into the overall supply chain infrastructure.

Clients count on the St. Onge team for turnkey capabilities as manufacturing design specialists and supply chain engineers including:

Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing

At St. Onge, we utilize six sigma lean manufacturing processes to drive operational improvements and cost reductions for the clients we serve. Lean manufacturing is based on a just-in-time (JIT) material delivery concept that is focused on eliminating waste-producing activities throughout the manufacturing process.

Six sigma focuses on process improvements to drive meaningful change. Six sigma lean combines the benefits of both, capitalizing on the speed and efficiency gains of lean and the quality benefits of six sigma to crate an environment that reduces cost, inventory and lead time.

As independent consultants, we’re not bound to any specific solutions provider or technology vendor, so we bring an objective evaluation customized to your business needs. As supply chain experts, we’re focused on looking at the total picture to help you achieve success now and into the future.

If you’re looking for a partner who can deliver optimized design for manufacturing and assembly facilities, look no further. Reach out to see how St. Onge can work for your business.

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