3PL (3rd-Party Logistics)

When it comes to integrating third-party logistics (3PL) across your supply chain, planning for where (and how) a 3PL provider can add value to your operations is as critical as the search for the right partner. At St. Onge, we help companies of all sizes navigate both; delivering a turnkey approach from strategic supply chain planning and 3PL RFP development through evaluation, selection, procurement, contracting, and ongoing evaluation, audits and performance management.

We know making critical decisions about 3PL warehousing and transportation relationships is about much more than cost – it’s about looking at the total logistics picture and finding opportunities to work with a partner who is dialed into your operations that you can trust; thus, increasing service, reducing inefficiencies and benefiting the bottom line.

As a leader in the 3PL procurement and management space, St. Onge’s extensive knowledge and first-hand experience gets you connected to the right providers the first time. Plus, coupled with economies of scale, we ensure you are getting the most for your investment in a 3PL partner.

As an extension of your team, we guide you through the process of determining if a 3PL relationship is right for you and how to effectively evaluate options to ultimately select and integrate the right partner. We also deliver ongoing support, helping to effectively evaluate and manage your 3PL relationships to ensure they are delivering the best value for your organization.

Considering 3rd party logistics as the next evolution of your company? Looking to evolve your current relationship? Reach out. Our 3PL team is here to help.

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3PL (3rd-Party Logistics) Solutions

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Outsourcing Evaluation

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The decision to outsource the warehouse and/or transportation segments of your supply chain can have significant, lasting impacts on your business. It’s a decision that should be made with a 360 view on how it will impact the broader infrastructure and carefully evaluated based on data and strategic analysis. As a company focused on helping businesses of all-sizes shape and manage their supply chain, St. Onge delivers a uniquely strategic view of how third-party logistics (3PL) outsourcing can impact operations.

Our applied engineering approach to process, operations and logistics analysis delivers a total view of 3PL evaluation. We assess your current fulfillment and transportation processes to understand your needs and what segments might be stifling profitability or growth. Once we determine the components and processes best-suited for an outsourced relationship, we can support drafting service parameters, evaluating and selecting providers as well as ongoing vendor evaluation. Our total approach includes:

While deciding to outsource third-party logistics can offer enhanced capabilities, flexibility, cost savings and improved service levels when managed correctly, it can also introduce risks and areas of exposure that must be carefully considered.

You need a partner on your side who knows the process inside and out. You need St Onge.

If you’re considering how 3PL outsourcing can drive gains in your bottom line, reach out to the 3PL team. We look forward to learning about your business and supply chain needs.

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Selection & Procurement

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At St. Onge, we’ve found companies often make knee-jerk reactions to supply chain challenges by pulling the trigger on third-party logistics (3PL) relationships too quickly or maybe they focus only on seeking the lowest bid. Both of these situations often leave them open to a host of problems resulting in issues both inside and outside the 3PL relationship.

Critical factors such as leadership capability, commitment to technology, a focus on continuous improvement and the very nature of the client/vendor relationship all play huge roles when considering third-party logistics outsourcing. The St. Onge 3PL team brings an objective, unbiased and experienced view to evaluating, selecting, implementing and managing 3PL relationships.

Our approach to 3PL selection and procurement is focused on two priorities:

  1. Strategically establishing the outsourcing relationship needs, and
  2. Providing the expertise to identify and choose the right vendor, outline the service parameters, establish service agreements and manage the partnership for long-term success.

Our 3PL procurement team has helped companies of all sizes identify and evaluate the right candidates for their logistics needs, assessing capability, flexibility, adaptability and alignment, while also establishing performance criteria, considering information technology needs and defining cost and compensation structures. All elements that are critical to selecting and managing a 3PL provider once the decision to pursue outsourcing is made. Plus, our industry-leading costing tool can help you benchmark how much fulfillment services should cost based on cost-predictive modeling.

Considering third-party logistics outsourcing as an option for your business or evaluating the value of a current vendor relationship? Check out the partners we’ve helped and connect with the St. Onge team to add industry-leading bench depth to your team.

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Audits of Existing 3PL Providers

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Just as internal operational excellence requires a continuous focus on analysis and evaluation across your supply chain, successful third-party logistics relationships require ongoing management, evaluations and audits to ensure delivery of the best value for your outsourced dollars.

The St. Onge approach to 3PL provider audits delivers the process, modeling capability and operational expertise to help define and monitor expected performance levels, structured work processes, standard operating procedures and management principals to ensure your relationships are delivering maximum efficiency and value.

Simply put, we help you define, measure and monitor the key performance indicators to ensure you’re getting the most from your 3PL engagements.

Having third-party logistics relationships in place within your supply chain helps allocate more resources to your core competencies; thus, dramatically increasing efficiencies across your warehouse and transportation sectors. Making sure you have the right partner in place who continually meets the ever-changing needs of your business is where St. Onge can help.

Whether you’re looking to set a mechanism in place to audit a new partner or seeking to realign existing outsourcing agreements to generate savings and increased performance, the St. Onge team can help you realize the maximum benefits from your 3PL provider relationships.  Reach out to speak with our 3PL team to discuss how implementing strategic 3PL provider audits can deliver critical insights to propel your business forward.

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