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Shifting market demands, rapidly advancing technologies and ever-changing customer expectations mean companies must continually innovate and improve systems and processes to remain competitive and successful.

St. Onge’s independent consultative focus on supply chain transformation begins by taking the time to understand the demands and opportunities facing your business – solving the right problems first! Our services span the entire supply chain, and through engineering solutions and a data-driven approach, we deliver a strategy tailored to the way you do business. Our world-class engineers leverage proven methodology to deliver total solutions that take you from assessment to performance including:

Whether you need one facet of your supply chain management strategy reviewed or an end-to-end evaluation, St. Onge delivers the solutions to drive meaningful results in alignment with your business goals. Ready to create positive change in your business? Connect with the team today.

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Supply Chain Solutions

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Supply Chain Strategy

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Today’s supply chains are made up of increasingly interconnected networks of business processes, IT systems, organizations, facilities, infrastructure and people. With growing complexity and rapidly changing market conditions, strategic supply chain transformation today requires planning that differentiates “quick wins” from critical initiatives for long-term success.

At St. Onge, our proven approach to supply chain optimization and transformation is rooted in considering a 360-degree view based on our supply chain experts’ decades of successful experience in evaluating and improving supply chains across the globe. Our industry-leading supply chain assessment tools provide a strategic foundation to map and analyze locations, businesses, processes and organizations.

We begin with a focus on the supply chain mega processes:


And overlay key supply chain enablers to get a total view:
Strategy | People | Organizational Structure | Technology | Performance Management

Using this methodology, we deliver recommendations that span the supply chain or conduct more specialized reviews based on individual client needs, which may include regional evaluations and digging deeper into a given geography; industrial park or property reviews; as well as assessments of a particular process or supply chain segment.

As an independent consultant, clients trust St. Onge to deliver objective recommendations based on our engineering approach and our unmatched expertise in supply chain design. We understand every supply chain is at a different level maturity; therefore, we look at where you are and what’s next – mapping and analyzing locations, processes and infrastructure to minimize inefficiencies, identify bottlenecks, uncover obstacles to growth and help build supply chain strategies that empower you to respond and realign quickly (versus being in a constant state of reaction).

Ready to talk supply chain strategy? Reach out to connect with the team and start a conversation about how St. Onge can add value to your business and bottom line.

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Supply Chain Engineering

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Customized end-to-end supply chain solutions to drive measurable results. That’s the St. Onge approach to supporting clients through strategic transformations that generate true bottom line value.

Our turnkey supply chain engineering solutions deliver benefits only a partner who truly understands your business and is an extension of your team can provide – helping you seamlessly from planning through implementation and evaluation.

From evaluating the current landscape to mapping a path for improvement in alignment with business goals, we begin with strategic business planning. Our expertise seamlessly carries through operational process and facility design, systems and technology selection, implementation, rollout and ongoing analysis and measurement including:

  • Strategy and planning to align supply chain initiatives with overall business goals
  • Logistics optimization considering the location, mission and sizing of facilities as well as ownership versus outsource analysis
  • Assessments and optimizations to evaluate current state and uncover built-in opportunities for improvement
  • Master planning and engineering of manufacturing and distribution centers encompassing site planning, operations and processes
  • Strategic sourcing including definition of the scope of work through evaluation and selection of providers
  • Implementation including project management, technical oversight, employee training and commissioning
  • Audits and monitoring to measure impact and performance

In addition to working with partners from around the world, our team of engineers brings unmatched first-hand experience and applied knowledge from the front lines of companies of all sizes across industries.  We are an independent consultant who can bring you the best options for your business needs. And, we keep a watchful eye on how technology trends such as artificial intelligence and autonomous mobile robots are impacting today’s supply chains, focusing on research, development and testing that allow us to bring you best-in-class solutions that have been tested and proven.

Whether you’re evaluating options to scale, looking to improve supply chain flow, considering demand planning or looking for solutions to dial in your supply chain performance, St. Onge can help. Reach out. We look forward to learning about your business.

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Logistics Optimization

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Do you have the right number of manufacturing and distribution facilities? Are they the right size? In the right locations? Doing the right things? Does product flow the right way across your network?

A lot of factors come into play when planning for strategic supply chain logistics optimization. At St. Onge, we look at the total picture across your production and delivery landscape – considering factors both inside and outside your “four walls” to uncover where the most impact can be made.

We blend the best of qualitative and quantitative evaluation to guide clients through supply chain optimizations that deliver measurable value including:

  • Sourcing strategy development
  • Manufacturing plant location and production line configuration
  • Distribution center number, location, product mix and service territory definition
  • Multi-level distribution network optimization (plant, distribution center, cross dock, pool point and/or depot)
  • Merger, acquisition and cross-divisional network strategy development
  • International and emerging market network strategy development

Our comprehensive approach provides the continuity of a partner who can guide you from strategy through implementation and evaluation. Our expertise in supply chain engineering and facility design means we also understand the total picture and how changes can cause a ripple across your supply chain. Partners trust St. Onge to deliver impactful change through:

  • Cost reduction across transportation, facility and/or inventory carrying costs
  • Customer service improvements related to lead times and fill rates
  • A means to repeatedly evaluate the impact of ongoing business change
  • The ability to quickly test and evaluate operating scenarios and sensitives to make informed decisions
  • Break down of silos and increased inter-departmental collaboration

If you’re asking yourself critical logistics questions and considering ways to optimize, reach out to get the experienced St. Onge team on your side.

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Inventory Optimization

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Inventory management is at the heart of successful supply chain optimization, yet many companies struggle to balance strategies for inventory management and cost control. As a result, conflicting views of inventory as a positive and negative often arise across departments.

To truly achieve inventory optimization, it’s critical to consider the total picture factoring in how inventory influences purchasing, manufacturing, sales, finance and customer service as well as look at how it moves throughout the supply chain and how it influences quality and timeliness of delivery.

Should you have less inventory on-hand? Should you own less? Do you need an inventory on-demand strategy? We understand the delicate balancing act of lowering inventory costs and optimizing supply capabilities. Finding the optimal mix can sometimes seem like an impossible task.

Through predictive analytics and advanced modeling, we extract the most meaningful data, get down to the root cause of your business’s inventory challenges, and help develop and implement custom solutions that drive value.

If you have questions about inventory management and want to start seeing measurable improvements in the bottom line, put the leader in inventory and supply chain management to work for your business. Get in touch to speak directly with a member of the team.

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