Bryan Jensen Quoted in MMH Article About Conventional Warehousing

Gary Forger, a digital editor for Modern Materials Handling, recently published an article about the need for conventional warehousing even in today’s automated world. He reached out to top industry experts for their thoughts on the matter. One such expert was our very own Bryan Jensen, who talked about situations where conventional warehousing still makes sense.

“Even in the face of high volume, conventional warehousing is not a wrong answer,” says Bryan Jensen, chairman and executive vice president at St. Onge. And, he says, that’s the case whether the facility is dominated by full pallet moves in food and beverage or retail e-commerce eaches.

“The viability of conventional warehousing is all about work content and labor level. As both move up the scale and it takes longer to process an order, conventional warehousing begins to become less promising,” Jensen adds.

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