Bryan Jensen Quoted in Modern Materials Handling

Moving and tracking non-conveyable items is a problem for DCs and warehouses that often requires a customized solution. Gary Forger, editor at large for Modern Materials Handling, recently interviewed several top industry experts for their opinions on how to tackle this issue. Our very own Bryan Jensen was one such expert, and he discussed the factors that must be weighed when designing a solution.

There’s the old story about the product design engineers who throw their latest creation over the wall with a dare to manufacturing of “make it if you can.” And there are probably days when handling even a small number of non-conveyables in a DC has much the same feel.

“We can convey large product, but it might be very costly,” says Jensen. “So the question becomes: Is there enough volume to justify the expense of the selected solution?” And even if the justification is dicey at best, managing non-conveyables that complete a company’s product line becomes just the cost of doing business.

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