Bryan Jensen Quoted in Modern Materials Handling

Gary Forger, an editor at large for Modern Materials Handling, recently wrote an article about how to effectively improve and maintain the processes that define a conventional warehouse. He asked several top industry experts, including our very own Bryan Jensen, what key elements are most important when prioritizing how to enhance a warehouse. Bryan discussed how best to manage the people that make up your operation.

While most people right now seem focused on the difficulty of finding labor, Bryan Jensen focuses on training and retaining labor. Jensen is chairman and executive vice president of St. Onge.

“You want to make your place the best place to work,” Jensen says. Fortunately, you can accomplish that in many different ways. “In the big picture, you want to ensure every associate feels ownership of what they do and feels that they are a contributing part of the warehouse family.”

Associate training is key here. It starts, says Jensen, with documented processes that ensure consistent processes out on the floor. That process documentation also includes a feedback loop that allows associates to provide input to update those that need improvement. “People need to know that management is engaged and listening,” says Jensen. That requires discussion and identification of good ideas. “A $50 bonus for good ideas has a ripple effect,” he adds.

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