Bryan Jensen Quoted in Modern Materials Handling

robotic arm picking up a package

Modern Materials Handling recently conducted their 2019 “Usage and Implementation of Warehouse and DC Automation Solutions” survey. The results show that automation continues to rise in today’s warehouses and DCs. Bridget McCrea, a Contributing Editor for Logistics Management, asked St. Onge Company’s Bryan Jensen what companies are looking for when evaluating automation for their supply chain.

Bryan Jensen, chairman and executive vice president at St. Onge Co., says he’s also seeing healthy levels of interest in warehouse automation right now, with the tight labor market as a key driver. “If you’re in a distribution operation that is level-loaded and doesn’t have large seasonal, inter-week, inter-month or inter-quarter peaks, automation can be very effective in justifying itself through labor reduction,” says Jenson. “The more expensive labor gets relative to automation’s prices not going up, the more effective that automation is at reducing labor and paying for itself.”

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