Bryan Jensen Quoted in Supply Chain Management Review

It’s no secret that e-commerce is on the rise in today’s world. As brick and mortar loses ground, we have to change the way we judge retail success. Gary Forger, a contributing editor for Supply Chain Management Review, recently wrote an article that discusses this challenge. He asked top industry experts, including St. Onge Company’s Bryan Jensen, for their thoughts on how we can gauge retail success in the modern world.

“The best solution is to cover peaks with investment not people,” says Jensen. But he’s not talking about installing two more high-speed sorters. The ROI would be prohibitive for most year-round volumes.

Instead, the solution, says Jensen, is to bring in put walls or even create a two-pass sortation system that becomes a one-pass system when volumes warrant. While those clearly are hypotheticals, the reality is investments must be creative to strike the right balance of speed and agility with labor.

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