Don Derewecki Quoted in Logistics Management

St. Onge Company’s Don Derewecki was quoted in a recent Logistics Management article about labor management systems. He talks about how current labor conditions are making it more important than ever to leverage the advantages provided by a well-tuned LMS. Use the link below to read the full article!

“Anytime you’re paying more for labor it makes it easier to justify tools to help you maximize the effectiveness of the labor that you do have,” says Donald Derewecki, senior consultant at St. Onge Company. The pace of change on the automation, digitalization and mechanization fronts combined with constant demand fluctuations make the business case for LMS even clearer for a wider swath of companies, many of which wouldn’t have considered the software just a few years ago.

“LMS gives companies a tool to plan with during a time of great volume fluctuations, which make it all the more important to plan and properly accommodate those fluctuations in the volatility,” says Derewecki.

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