Fred Crans Published in Healthcare Publishing News

St. Onge Company’s Fred Crans doesn’t want those in the healthcare supply chain industry to start celebrating the end of the pandemic just yet. He’s issued a three-step warning for how to navigate the post-pandemic world, and outlined what he expects the near future to look like. Use the link below to check out his most recent publication in Healthcare Purchasing News!

During the past 18 months, old phrases have been either re-named or dusted off. “Domestic manufacturing” has been renamed “on-shoring.” Farming stuff out to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico is now called “near-shoring.” Finding short-term alternative sources or implementing different approaches to treating diseases has contributed to the “Resilient Supply Chain.”

If nothing else, when a real crisis hits, we Americans are excellent at creating catchphrases that make us look as though we know what we are doing. Mull the popularity of the game, “Catchphrase.” The more educated people are, the more likely they are to use language as a way to “pump themselves up.” I once had a COO tell me, “Fred, we need to disambiguate this situation,” to which I responded, “Why don’t we just make things clearer?”

Big words and rose-colored glasses will not help you once the dust clears on COVID-19 or anything that follows. You must become realistic and skeptical, and you must not delude yourself if you want to survive after the pandemic dissipates.

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