Howard Turner Quoted in Logistics Management

St. Onge Company’s Howard Turner was recently quoted in a Logistics Management article about how supplies chains are embracing the digital revolution. This trend is being driven by both recent supply chain disruptions and technological advances. Howard talked about how and why companies are approaching the push to become more automated.

“We’ve definitely seen an uptick in interest in the digital supply chain,” says Howard Turner, director of supply chain systems at St. Onge Company. Companies that are grappling with the high volume of e-commerce orders, for example, are investing in more warehouse automation and related tools that help them manage this influx. Many of the same companies are also dealing with massive labor constraints—yet another driver of digital supply chain investment this year.

In most cases, Turner says shippers are using a discerning eye when shopping for warehouse automation and other solutions, and most want to see specific, proven use cases before they’ll hit the “buy now” button.

“Companies want to understand what the use cases are and where automation makes the most sense for their operations,” Turner explains. “They also want to know what the return on investment (ROI) looks like and are ‘dipping a toe in the water,’ so to speak, versus just doing broad [technology] rollouts across their operations.”

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