Howard Turner Talks Yard Management Systems in Logistics Management

Our very own Howard Turner was recently quoted in an article about Yard Management Systems for Logistics Management. He discussed how modern software advancements can help companies get the most out of their existing YMS implementations. Click here to read the article!

“I’ve definitely seen an uptick in interest from companies that already have YMS and are wondering whether they’re optimizing them or if there are opportunities to upgrade,” says Howard Turner, director, supply chain systems at St. Onge Company.

Turner sees this “digitization” of the yard as an important tool that companies can use to offset the labor challenges, supply chain constraints and other issues that affect the delivery times. With a YMS in place, companies can also eliminate issues like a driver waiting too long at the gate to be let in by a security guard or having to drive around and look for a spot in the yard. This, in turn, helps reduce dwell time—and the related carrier fees—while keeping drivers on the road and moving more efficiently.