John Hill on Supply Chain Now Podcast

Supply Chain Now contributor Chris Barnes says data collection and warehouse management systems are ‘boring’ parts of supply chain management, and invited St. Onge Company’s John Hill on a podcast to prove him wrong. John is no stranger to the world of warehouse management systems, as he’s helped deploy hundreds of them. Give the podcast a listen and see what you think!

Believe it or not, warehouse management systems (a technology we refer to today as a WMS) actually predate the titled field of supply chain management. As a pioneering member of the WMS movement, John Hill has witnessed a number of iterations and developments, each with its own contribution to supply chain efficiency.

Well-known companies such as 3M, Buick, and Kroger have played important roles in material handling innovation, not for the sake of progress, but because they had a new business challenge and were looking for a new solution. From barcodes to RFID machine imaging and voice data collection, every capability we leverage today can trace its roots back to the work started 50 years ago.

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