MHI Expands Roadmap Series with Transformation Age

The third installment of MHI’s Roadmap Series is here! Transformation Age: Shaping Your Future was recently released, and we’re honored to have a contribution. St. Onge Company’s Bryan Jensen was quoted as a part of the Global Marketplace feature. Not only are we thrilled to be able to contribute to the continued development of the Roadmap Series, we’re proud to be an MHI member company.

Transformation Age: Shaping Your Future, the third publication in the MHI Roadmap Series, is intended to provide material handling, logistics and supply chain industry professionals insights into trends impacting success in the next 10 to 20 years.

An evolution in business models is already underway, with early adopters moving to a collaborative, integrated and transparent ecosystem. Success will require multiple engines for growth and profitability with flexibility to adapt quickly to changing conditions.

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