Norm Saenz and Don Derewecki Interviewed in Modern Materials Handling

Modern Materials Handling has the results of this year’s Warehouse and Distribution Center Equipment Survey, and they wanted to hear what industry experts like our very own Norm Saenz and Don Derewecki think of them. Norm and Don noted that respondents were big on IT investments and labor management systems, and were happy to share their thoughts. Check out the link below to read the full article!

“Prioritizing information technology investments is consistent with what we see among our clients,” says Derewecki. “Investment in technology and software can help you with issues like maximizing productivity, and in establishing good data and metrics.”

Saenz and Derewecki add that among their clients, the mood is quite optimistic, with many moving forward with projects, and most every client assessing how automation and software can help them cope with pressures around rapid order fulfillment without having to bump up staffing levels. “Among our clients, everyone at least wants to consider the automation that is out there,” says Saenz. “They’re itching to see what makes sense for them.”

Click here to read the article on the Modern Materials Handling website!