Norm Saenz in Logistics Management Technology Roundtable Webinar

logistics optimization / technology

Logistics Management recently conducted their 2019 Technology Roundtable. Editorial director Michael Levans spoke with four industry experts, including St. Onge Company’s Norm Saenz, to discuss new technologies and their effect on supply chain management. They discuss topics such as workforce management and labor productivity, the capability of Blockchain and GTM, and how AI can be applied to the supply chain space.

“Continually asked to do more with less in an environment that’s speeding up and becoming more sophisticated, logistics and supply chain managers now—more than ever—need technology platforms that support good coordination and collaboration among stakeholders. But what to apply and when continues to baffle even the savviest practitioners.

In this webcast LM’s group editorial director Michael Levans gathers four top supply chain management technology analysts to discuss how some of the hottest software and technologies is helping logistics and supply chain management professionals streamline their operations to meet the pressing demands of digital commerce and manage through the tightest labor market in a generation.”

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