Tom Redding Quoted in Healthcare Purchasing News

Healthcare Purchasing News recently interviewed several top industry experts for an article about the fragility of the global supply chain. One such expert was our very own Tom Redding. He discussed how accurate projections of demand are crucial to improving customer satisfaction.

“We all know that humans are predictably unpredictable, yet we continue to think of ways to change human behavior to allow for better control of supply chains,” he said. “Successful supply chains have a clear understanding of their customer’s needs, wants and demands, and organize activities to create end-to-end alignment. The issues around raw material sourcing, to shipping, to labor shortages is becoming the norm. The only way to manage through the various constraints is to better understand the demand side of the equation, including variability and customer lead time sensitivities. If we have a clearer picture on the expected demand, then supply chain leaders will be able to assess where changes are needed to substitute products, consolidate products to meet the needs of their customer.”

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