Tom Redding Talks Healthcare Shortages in HPN Article

Our very own Tom Redding was recently quoted in a Healthcare Purchasing News site about what we’ve learned from the pandemic shortages.

“I think the industry has learned that just-in-time has its place, but it should not be adopted across the board,” said Tom Redding, Senior Managing Director, Healthcare Services, St. Onge Co. “When considering the use of a CSC, an organization can continue a just-in-time model, which is based on their ability to carry a larger subset of inventory to handle the larger variation in demand.

“There is some hesitation in the market to actively pursue a stockless program with a distributor, versus considering the option to do it themselves,” Redding continued. “As the market changes, the distributors will further bolster their [third-party logistics] services to assist their clients with running a CSC. The easy answer is to do it yourself but having the knowledge, experience and systems to run a distribution center should be taken seriously.”

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